Aircraft Requests Ltd is an air transport advisory firm incorporated in England. Our mission is to provide first class business consulting and training. Our customers include airlines, airports and solution providers in the air transport industry.


We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals all experienced in commercial aspects of aviation. The team is led by Marcos Caramalengos, who is an aviation management and business consultant with many years of experience in the air transport industry.


We provide first class business consulting, training and interim manpower services. Our customers include airlines, airports, investment firms and solution providers to the air transport industry.

Our approach

We are pragmatic and practical and as such we come up with real solutions and present tangible results. Our focus is to protect the investment of our customers and the longevity of their business. We are proud of the results we deliver, as they are measurable, and lead to cost reduction, revenue increase and efficiency improvement.

About Marcos

Marcos Caramalengos is our CEO. He holds a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from Kingston University and an MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University. Marcos is passionate about business development and the economics of airlines and airports. He dislikes stereotypes and loves to demonstrate how airlines can reduce their costs without sacrificing customer service and quality. He promotes innovative channels of selling and creating new services for airlines. When it comes to airports, he coaches his clients to think like airlines in order to attract sustainable airline business. He worked for SITA, the air transport communications and information technology firm where he held various senior roles in commercial operations. Since 2006, he has been advising airlines and airports on commercial and economic aspects. He has vast experience in airline start-ups, business planning, profitable route expansion, and aircraft leasing.

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