Selling to Airlines

Do you sell solutions services or products to airlines? This is a course for you!

We will teach you how to effectively negotiate with airline CxOs, directors and managers and sign new deals.


  • For companies that provide solutions, services or products to airlines

Commercial Aircraft Chartering

“Commercial Aircraft Chartering” is a one-day intensive, thoroughly enjoyable and motivational training course that delivers essential knowledge on how to be successful in chartering commercial aircraft in and out


  • Travel Agents
  • Tour Operators
  • Airlines
  • Brokers

Aircraft Wet Leasing

An exceptional course for anyone who wet leases in or out aircraft!

Airline A.C.M.I executives and brokers will find it of great value. Learn how to sign acmi deals in a profitable way


  • Airlines
  • Brokers

Are you planning to start an airline? I am sure these are exciting times for you!

Join us in this informative and free webinar. We will be discussing how to launch an airline by avoiding the usual mistakes!

An airline startup is a lot more than an Air Operator’s Certificate.

How many airlines have failed because their business concept was poor? Plenty!

How many airlines failed simply because of losses attributed to wrong planning? Even more!

Here are a few areas where bad airline planning is realised:

• The lack of digital aviation knowledge, or failure in applying it
• The wrong type of aircraft
• Serving routes with low demand and depressed yields
• Unawareness on the time scales needed to introduce airline systems
• Bad contractual agreements (aircraft and maintenance)
• Lack of airline operating costs and revenues knowledge

The list is non-exhaustive. Unfortunately, it goes on and on.

We will show you how:

· To validates your business concept

· Plan the various pre-launch stages, methodically and timely

Every Thursday, we are hosting three live webinars (to cover all time zones). Please choose the one convenient for you and join us! Each session lasts 40 minutes. We then have 20 minutes of Q&A. You may register by clicking the buttons on the right: