Aircraft Wet Leasing

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The Course

“Aircraft Wet Leasing” is an essential course both for newcomers and experienced airline commercial executives irrespective of their seniority level.

The course is straightforward, pleasant and information-rich!

We will examine the perspective of both the airline lessor and the airline lessee!

The objective of the course is to understand and manage profitable wet-leased aircraft transactions.

For airlines wet leasing-out, this course will teach you how to:

price acmi deals
find and qualify airline customers
project manage complex wet-leases, draft, read and understand acmi contracts
understand the variations of acmi, and day to day management after closing the deal
add value by adhering to the needs of your customers and propose a solution that is aligned with their commercial operations

For airlines wet leasing-in, this course will teach you how to:

send you requests to airlines that may offer wet-lease aircraft with the least possible empty legs
focus on a more qualified list of airlines that will satisfy your needs
find attractive wet lease deals from reliable providers
manage payments and cash flows of acmi deals
Understand your provider’s cost base as well as your own and identify how a new acmi deal will impact your operating costs

In both cases, we discuss real-life examples of complex acmi deals.

The audience

This course is ideal for employees and executives of airlines, and brokerage firms dealing with aircraft wet leases (in and out).  The course is designed with the commercial teams of ACMI departments in mind.

If you are applying for a new airline job, get your self trained and be amongst those who are certified by Aircraft Requests Ltd to deal with aircraft wet-leasing.

Are you a senior airline executive reorganising the leasing department or recruiting newcomers? Ask us to train your managers to the highest standard in wet-leasing

Commercial, finance, operations, and legal professionals within the airline industry will find “Aircraft Wet Leasing” immensely valuable.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate issued by Aircraft Requests Ltd, a well-respected name within the air transport

The trainers

The course is delivered by experienced aviation professionals who have successfully managed complex wet leasing (in and out) deals as airline executives in ACMI departments.

Delivery Methods


For companies that wish to have their executives trained in their premises.

Live Instructor-Led Online Course

Our instructor-led online classes allow you to attend the course from home or the office without the need to travel.
This is a live, hands-on, interactive class led by the same instructors that deliver the on-site course. The course format and materials received are identical! The only difference is that you and your instructor are not in the same room!
We employ an easy to use state of the art video conferencing facility that you can access from your PC, tablet or cell phone with no additional software installations. Just click on the link that you will receive after your registration and there you are!
Through your access, you will be able to see and hear everything the instructor does, as well as to interact with the instructor and fellow participants
The live online course is delivered in different time zones. Just visit the course calendar section of our site. If your time zone is not there, or you wish to participate in a different date let us know!

While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the conference/training course elements as informed, Aircraft Requests Ltd reserves the right to change event dates, location/sites, and dietary options or omit event features, as it deems necessary and in such situations no refunds (full or partial) or alternative offers shall be given to the participant or his/her organization. Aircraft Requests Ltd also reserves the right to cancel the event, in which case the participant will be notified by email two weeks prior to the event date and the registration fee will be fully refunded; Aircraft Requests Ltd will not accept liability for any losses and/or damages registered participants may suffer due to event alteration/cancellation.

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